We specialize in the export of premium fresh herbs.

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Who We Are

Welcome to Greenblade growers limited, where you get the unique taste of African products.

The African continent covers 30million km² straddles the subtropical belts from the Mediterranean (37°C) to the Cape of good hope (35°C) . It's enormous size and variation in relief gives a wide range of climate, soils and agricultural systems.

At Greenblade, we take advantage of good African climate and soils to produce, process and export a wide variety of fresh herbs and vegetables. Our products catalogue includes: chives, basil, thyme, tarragon, rosemary, mint, fine beans among others.

Our farm is strategically located in the undulating Aberdare ranges at an elevation of 2,348 meters above sea level giving us the very best climate for Clives production in Africa.

We are committed to adhering to international recognised food safety standards like HACCP, Global Gap, BRC code of practice, Smeta, Grasp and Ethical trading initiatives to help maintain a sustainable business model for future generations.

To achieve this ,we engage recognised third party certification bodies to demonstrate compliance while maintaining a robust value chain system from growing harvest and post-harvest handling, ensuring high quality products are delivered to our clients globally.

Throughout the world Greenblade's products are known for its safety, freshness and good quality.